Welcome to Conservative Friends of the ECR

In 2009 the British Conservative Party founded the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (the ECR) in the European Parliament with like-minded parties from across Europe. The ECR is leading the fight against a centralised federalist superstate in favour of a European Union that returns to being a loose association of sovereign nation-states.  

The United Kingdom has now left the European Union but we believe that British Conservatives should continue to work closely with the ECR Group. Our future prosperity and security are closely linked and we must work together to tackle the common challenges faced by our continent and build a new partnership between the UK and the EU. Just as it is in both the UK's and the EU's interests to remain good neighbours, we want the ECR Group to thrive post-Brexit.

What we do:

The CF-ECR works to connect UK Conservative activists and parliamentarians to the European Conservatives and Reformists Group. We organise events to promote the ECR Group and strengthen its links to the UK Conservative Party.

Why sign up:

If you are interested in European politics, the UK-EU relationship, and the future of the European Union then please sign up today.

The CF-EC organises events to connect you to politicians from the ECR family for policy discussions, seminars and conferences. When you sign up you will receive invitations to our latest events and news from Brussels.

Who we are:

CF-ECR is a project of the ECR Group with the support of Conservative Party activists and former Conservative MEPs.