MEPs call for a "special relationship" with the UK

The European Parliament's influential Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee is calling for "deep mutual market access" and "a special relationship" between Britain and the EU post-Brexit. 

Landmark EU/Canada trade deal sets standard for UK

The landmark EU-Canada trade deal approved today by the European Parliament sets a standard the UK can follow post-Brexit, believes Conservative Joint International Trade Spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP.

Time for Europeans to commit to NATO, not an EU army

Speaking in the European Parliament today, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for a “high level of ambition” when the European Council discusses security and defence tomorrow afternoon.

European Defence Union plays into Russia's hands.

Calls by MEPs today for the creation of a European Defence Union (EDU) are playing into the hands of Russia, according to Conservative Defence spokesman Geoffrey Van Orden MEP.

Ashley Fox: Britain's best days lie ahead.

People should not focus on a "hard" or "soft" exit for Britain from the EU but instead concentrate on securing a good exit, Conservative MEPs leader Ashley Fox told the party's conference this afternoon.

An EU army has no credibility with our potential enemies.

It is no surprise that European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker called for an EU common defence in his “State of the Union” speech to the European Parliament. This idea will be taken forward when Prime Ministers of 27 EU countries (excluding Britain) meet in Bratislava on Friday.